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First Light

It's January 6th and we find ourselves on a boat to a cove we've never seen or heard of before. The chilly sea breeze caresses our skin with closest thing we'll ever have to winter in the tropics, and we embrace it because we know it'll be gone too soon. In a month or two, the summer sun will be by our sides once again.

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Sharing the Last Slice

Everyone loves a girl that's got amazing talent, so we decided that our article on Issa had to be more than just about her photo shoot. We asked her a few questions about her passion for baking and honestly, we're nothing but inspired. 

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On a rainy day in November we drove down south to a beach club to experience our very first out of town shoot. Featuring Danica as face of After Dawn's first collection, have a look at some of our favorite shots.

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