Sharing the Last Slice

When we first saw Issa we immediately thought "wow, she's tall."

Issa is the face of our second wave catalog and shooting with her was so much fun. Standing at 5'8 ft, her mere presence is enough for you to do a double take. She's got a real avid energy and an overall happy disposition that's infectious and can send you laughing throughout the day. No doubt, she stands out in a crowded room and she doesn't even have to try.

During the catalog shoot we learned that Issa had her own online baking business called The Last Slice PH. Pretty amazing if you ask us, since it's kinda rare to see someone our age chasing their passions and turning their dreams into a reality this early on. Everyone loves a girl that's got amazing talent, so we decided that our article on Issa had to be more than just about her photo shoot. We asked her a few questions about her passion for baking and honestly, we're nothing but inspired. 

When did you start baking?
Well, I’ve been baking since forever! I learned how to bake before I learned how to cook and the kitchen has always been my favorite place in the house.

Tell us more about The Last Slice PH and your specialty cakes!
The Last Slice PH is like the younger yet more mature sister of my first baking business, Messy Kitchen. Last year, I realized that I’d come so far that I finally gave in to everyone’s badgering and made it official. I specialize in floral cakes and cheesecakes.

We can see that The Last Slice is more than just a business to you. Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Just start! When I was thinking of whether or not to start The Last Slice PH, one quote stuck: "One day, or day one?"

You've got so many happy customers! What's the best thing about baking for other people?
Seeing them happy! I abso-friggin-lutely love being a part of people’s celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a baptism, I just love seeing my customers smile when they see one of my cakes.

We're curious. If you didn't decide to be a baker, where do you think you'd be right now?
Asleep? LOL. Just kidding! (Or am I? Hahaha!) On a more serious note, I think I’d most probably be in the marketing or advertising industry.

You're doing so well and we're so happy for you! What are your plans for The Last Slice?
GOOD QUESTION! Well, I’m a little busy at the moment, so I haven’t really sat down and thought about it. But the end goal of course is to have my own little cafe, where I can bake, mingle and share a pot of coffee with my customers.

We wish we could bake and that we had someone amazing to teach us how. Are you hosting lessons anytime soon? We're here for it!
Ha! I’m not qualified enough to teach! But if you want to hang and watch me bake, hit me up on The Last Slice PH's Instagram! I can TRY my best to teach you how to make a basic buttercream rose.

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For orders and inquiries, contact Issa at +63 917 157 1421.

Muse | Issa Ileto
Photographer | Alexis Tsoi
*The Last Slice PH photos courtesy of Issa Ileto