Body Love with Angela

Hello, 2019!
The list for our New Year's Resolution changes all the time but some things need to be a lifetime focus, never depending on what year it is. Health is one of the things that should always be on top of our priority list, and regular exercise is one of the main components to achieving a healthy lifestyle. We can all agree that a positive mindset is everything. Working out because you love your body yields better results than when working out because you hate what you see, both physically and mentally. A healthy, well-exercised body has benefits that go beyond what you see in a photo.

This is where Angela Martinez comes in.
Model, social media superstar, and our personal fitspiration! She recently 
started posting her workout routines on her YouTube channel and these are great for people who don't have a gym membership or a ton of equipment. We asked her a few questions about working out, diet tips, and body positivity.
What equipment or apparel do you think is necessary for someone who wants to get into regular exercise?
Wear something that you’re comfortable in and that makes you feel good. I find that if I wear cute active wear it motivates me to work out.

What workout is the most effective for you?
Cardio is great for me, like jump squats or running. Cause the biggest muscle in your body are your glutes (butt, thighs) so when you work your biggest muscles regularly then you can lose fat on other parts of your body as well. So anything cardio/fast paced is very effective.
Whats the best advice you can give to people who have difficulty finding the time to work out amidst their busy schedules and/or lack of equipment?
You don’t need much time or equipment to exercise! Even a short jog, or if you don’t want to leave the house then go on YouTube and look up those 5-10 minute videos, they’re very helpful especially for beginners! Remember, if you really want something you can make time for it.

What are some practical diet tips you can share aside from drinking a lot of water?
Take baby steps when it comes to trying to lose weight or eating healthy. Again, listen to your body! My most important one is to not overeat, and I don’t mean to eat less - I mean don’t OVEREAT.

Why? Because our stomach is the size of one fist, so imagine stuffing ourselves again and again. We aren’t going to give our body enough time to digest the food. To prevent overeating, don’t starve yourself because then you’ll tend to over eat and when your body is starving it’ll start storing the fats instead of burning it! Learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

But most importantly, if your body is craving something listen to it as well. A little bit of indulgence is okay, just learn how to proportion. 
How do you deal with exercises that you don't particularly enjoy?
I hate doing push ups because my arms are the weakest part of my body. So I find alternative exercises that target that area instead.

We're living in the age of social media, and looking "perfect" in every photo is somewhat a huge pressure. What can you say about this especially since you're a model?
I do get pressured most of the time, but I have to constantly remind myself that my body is my own and no one else’s. Even though I wish I had a different body type I need to be content with the one I have now. This is the only body you’re given, you gotta take care of it. You don’t have time to worry about not looking like someone else, but you have all the time in the world to make yourself better. 
The challenge for a lot of people is committing and making exercise a long term practice. What are your tips on how to make exercise a habit rather than a chore?
Do what you can and don’t feel bad because there’s always tomorrow to improve. If you really want it then you can get it. Before, when I was getting into workouts and etc, I would actually google peoples' ‘Before & After’ progress photos. It really inspired me to start my journey. I didn’t think I would still be working out up until today when I started at 16, in my head I just really wanted abs. Haha! But I guess after a month or two it turned out to be a part of my life because it makes me feel good about myself. I suggest trying out different types of exercise so you don’t get bored!

Here's Angela's latest video: a quick full body workout.
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