An Afternoon with Asia

 In between takes during our shoot last October for our brand's initial launch, 
we decided take some extra shots just to bring some focus to our gorgeous subject.

Meet Asia. She's the face of our first wave catalog.
She's cool, she's fun, and did we mention she's taking up Molecular Biology and Biotechnology?

To make this entry a little more interesting we asked her a few questions to help you guys get to know her a little bit 'cause honestly, she's awesome.


Stay in or stay out? 
Stay out

Maillot or Bikini?
Bikini all the waaaay!

Romance or Horror movies?
Horror movies

Cats or Dogs?
Cats R Life

Your #1 makeup or skincare product?
Moisturizer with sunblock

Your favorite vacation so far?
My Eurotrip with my cousin

Dream Destination?
Hawaii please take me theree!



Muse | Asia Chong
Photographer | Alexis Tsoi